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Peloponnese, Greece



The Peloponnese is for many the most beautiful part of Greece to meet with Greek antiquity. What about the famous and popular sites Mycenae, Olympia and Ancient Corinth? Or the magnificent theater of Epidaurus?

But in addition, we can show you and tell you all the details of the smaller (and especially less crowded) archaeological sites as Tegea, Hysiai, Orchomenos, Mantineia and Midea, Dendra and the Heraion of Argos.


Besides the Greek and Roman antiquity on the Peloponnese remains can also be found from the Byzantine culture in cities such as Monemvasia and Mistras.


Delphi is not on the Peloponnese, but a visit to the Temple of Apollo (the oracle) is doable in one day. It does mean an early rise and a considerable travel time.



On the Peloponnese, you will find some big cities such as the ports of Patras, Corinth and Kalamata. The smaller cities such as Argos, Nafplion, Nemea, Monemvasia and Epidaurus have much more to offer on tourism.

Do you like to stroll through the towns and do you want to hear the specific details up close? You don't want to take the same path like all the other tourists? Then Ouzoontherocks is your companion.


We know where you can eat the best ice cream in the backstreets, in which ouzeri the best tsipouro is given, which old man still makes the Greek brooms in the traditional way and of course we do not forget to watch the highlights as well.

And since we're in the area where the best Greek wine is made, we will of course also taste some.












A stay in Argolida is excellent opportunity for a combination of visits to other provinces such as Arkadia and Korinthia. In this way a combination of an archaeological site with a museum or a city tour is very well possible.

The museums in the Peloponnese are generally small but usually they have an interesting collection. Did you for example see Midea and Dendra, then a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Nafplion is very worthwhile.

But a stroll through a city like Argos is itself a combination of old and new as you encounter everywhere in the modern city and remains from the Classical and Roman antiquity.


And for those who wish to visit Athens we organize a trip of one day. That means an early rise and late return. But a visit to Monastiraki, Arkropolis and the changing of the guard is doable in one day.


For all the excursions is a maximum number of four.

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